We are delighted to invite you to participate in Doll Haute Couture Arts Exhibition “Traditional Miniature Thai Arts” on Saturday 7 August 2004 at 16.00-2.00 pm. , Marsri Gallery , Suan Pakkad Palace, Sriayutthaya Road, Bangkok, proudly presented by 2 sister designers : Niramol and Pattaraporn Vangtal.

Over 30 extraordinary masterpieces of Doll Haute couture are delicately designed , reflecting Traditional Thai Culture costume prior to Sukhothai period through present. Every piece is presentably adapted in actual doll figure, representing unique characteristic.

The designers are profoundly inspired by value of Thai Culture Heritage recognition and creatively develop these masterpieces to encourage and present you to realize the value of the amazing and exquisite beauty of traditional Thai costume in primitive period . Costumes are divided into 3 major categories .

    - Traditional Style Costume : Evolution of Thai costume prior to Sukhothai period to present such as contemporary Thai costume , local costume etc.
    - Dramatical Style Costume : This is duplicated and applied from various episodes of Thai classical performances The Fine Arts Department such as Phlai Chumphon, Chui Chai Brahm, Manohra
    - Literatural Style Costume : This is duplicated from literature ladies and Himmaphan (Fantasy World) such as Supanna Matcha (Mermaid), Kinnaree (Bird People)

You will be impressively amazed by distinguish and exquisite beauty of various costume designs delicate and creative imagaination. All costumes and ornaments are exquisitely hand made which reflects heartly devotion and dedication of both designers with fabric arts and ornaments design in each period , to ensure these designs are closely based on Thai history.

They have dedicated for years to study and collect most informations based on different sources period i.e. Arts History, archaeology, Arts wall painting , architecture as well as telling stories from the experts to ultimately ensure these costumes are in accordance with history basis.

This exhibition is the new arts. If you have an opportunity to visit these extraordinary imgination of these 2 designers, you will be definitely impressed, proud and love Traditional Thai Culture Heritage beyond your expectation.

Show Time : Everyday until 22 August 2004 from 9.00-16.00 pm.


“Tropical Magazine” vol.2 issue 21
October 2004 (English Version)